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Jewish Culture Day with Dr. Gniewomir Zajączkowski

June 17, 2021 , it would seem that it will be a day like any other. Summer is coming, the end of the school year... The time of printing school certificates and final review classes. However, it looked different in the Complex of General and Vocational Schools in Trzemeszno.

(Photo by Beata Szymańska)

Thanks to the cooperation with Agnieszka Kostuch, we invited Dr. Gniewomir Zajączkowski, musicologist, music critic and member of the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland. Very quickly we determined the topics of lectures that the guest will give in our school. Each class could choose the most interesting topic by voting. We listened to as many as five 45 minute lectures on Jewish music, the history of Jews in Poland, Jews in the nineteenth century and Jewish culture and tradition. Students and teachers listened to Mr. Gniewomir with interest. His passion and great commitment engrossed the listeners. The most popular were classes on Jewish traditions, food, holidays and customs. It was during this lecture that the most questions were asked, which means that it is worth organizing such events. During the following class, when asked what they liked the most, the students replied that Mr. Gniewomir spoke in such an interesting way that they could listen to him speak about anything, but the history and culture of the Jews itself seemed very interesting to them.

(Photo by Beata Szymańska)

I believe that it is worth introducing students to issues related to the history of Jews. Many of them were and are part of our nation, and it is good to know our own history. I am very happy that a different culture has aroused interest in young people, because this is the type of emotion it should arise. Understanding differences leads to the mutual respect that we all need so much.

Jagoda Woźniak
Polish language teacher
ZSOiZ (the Schools Complex) in Trzemeszno

Translated by Olimpia Nowicka-Sulla

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