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Museum Collections

  • Księga pamięci z trzemeszeńskiej synagogi

    Memorbuch from Tremessen’s synagogue

    There are very few physical traces left of the former Jewish inhabitants of Trzemeszno in the city. Currently, the most important are the cemetery and the matzevot (the tombstones). Many more traces can be found in the archives and, as it appears, all over the world. One such trace was found in The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem (CAHJP) by historian Jason B. Bley, whose family roots go back to the Gniezno area...Read More »
  • Zwój pergaminowy z biblijną księgą Estery

    Parchment scroll with the biblical book of Esther

    An unilluminated parchment scroll with the Biblical book of Esther, which was found in the autumn of 2004 in the attic of one of the houses in Dąbrowskiego Street in Trzemeszno. It was kept in a metal tube. The scroll was handed over to the Regional Museum in Trzemeszno...Read More »