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Social and educational projects

  • Muzeum na kółkach

    Museum on Wheels

    „Museum on Wheels” is a mobile educational project that brings the history of Polish Jews to life and restores the memory of local Jewish communities. It is also an excellent platform for cooperation with local activists and institutional partners who carry out their own three-day programme of educational events accompanying the exhibition in each given town...Read More »
  • Pokaz filmu „Dowód tożsamości”

    The screening of “The Proof of Identity”

    You could think that, as the Polish society, we know quite a lot about the history of Jews. Associations with WW2 and the Holocaust come to mind. And what do we know about the psychological burden which Jews cope with today? What do we know about their everyday struggles?Read More »
  • Dzień Kultury Żydowskiej z dr. Gniewomirem Zajączkowskim

    Jewish Culture Day with Dr. Gniewomir Zajączkowski

    June 17, 2021 , it would seem that it will be a day like any other. Summer is coming, the end of the school year... The time of printing school certificates and final review classes. However, it looked different in the Complex of General and Vocational Schools in Trzemeszno...Read More »
  • Projekt odnowienia cmentarza żydowskiego w Trzemesznie

    The project of restoring of the Jewish cemetery in Trzemeszno

    In September 2021, the team of people was appointed in the City Office of Trzemeszno. Their aim was voluntary work for taking care of the local Jewish cemetery, which, after being looted of the matzevas, was abandoned after the war and has overgrown with wild greenery...Read More »