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Private Collections

  • Pamiętnik Heymanna Arzta część 2

    Heymann Arzt’s Memoirs part 2

    Diary written by Trzemeszno-born Heymann Arzt, Part 2 covering the second half of 1888 and his stay in Nordhausen. Heymann (Heinz) Arzt or Chaim ben Nussen Awruhum was born on 5 January 1866 in Trzemeszno. At the age of 16 he went in search of work to Berlin ...Read More »
  • Pamiętnik Heymanna Arzta

    Heymann Arzt’s Memoirs

    Heymann Arzt was born in Trzemeszno in 1866 and spent the consecutive 16 years there. In 1888 he wrote down his memories rendering his life in Trzemeszno, as well as the history of his father who had spent about 30 years in the town. The original memoirs were handed over to the Jewish Museum Berlin. Heymann’s grandson, Fritz Philippsborn, has translated the memoirs from German into English.Read More »
  • Telegram H. Friedmanna

    H. Friedmann’s telegram

    This is an order for cigars from Rauenberg, a town in Germany (the cigar factory mentioned above still exists there today). The telegram bears a beautiful watermark in the shape of a lion. Its sender could have been Heimann Friedmann or one of his relatives from Trzemeszno.Read More »
  • Karta korespondencyjna Samuela Rothmanna

    Correspondence card of Samuel Rothmann

    The oldest record in Trzemeszno’s city register referring to Samuel Rothmann that I have found dates back to 1859. On September 22, 1860, he married Amalie Grünbaum in Trzemeszno. The books contain records about the birth...Read More »
  • Karta korespondencyjna Adolfa Schallamacha

    Correspondence card of Adolf Schallamach

    Correspondence card addressed to Adolf Schallamach, at the time staying in Trzemeszno, c/o Mrs. Bley, sent from Breslau on August 10, 1920...Read More »