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Parchment scroll with the biblical book of Esther

An unilluminated parchment scroll with the Biblical book of Estherwhich was found in the autumn of 2004 in the attic of one of the houses in Dąbrowskiego Street in Trzemeszno. It was kept in a metal tube. The scroll was handed over to the Regional Museum in Trzemeszno. It has not been submitted for expert examination and we do not know when it was made. Only a few months ago did Rabbi Yehoshua Ellis explain that it is the Book of Esther. You can read here what the Book of Esther is about: księga Estery

It is highly probable that the scroll belonged to the Jewish community in Trzemeszno. Unfortunately, it is very damp and requires restoration. Whether it will be renovated remains an open question. Certainly, without any external financial help it is doomed to further deterioration. As Dr. Andrzej Leśniewski, the director of the Museum, says, there are many valuable artifacts in the Museum's collection which require renovation and conservation, and there are not enough funds for that purpose. Besides, the room in which the collection is kept is also inadequate. The director has been trying to find better premises for years. Some real prospects for obtaining it have recently appeared in connection with the renovation of the local railroad station building, where some of the rooms will be leased from the railroad management by the Municipal Office in Trzemeszno.

The historical value of the scroll is even greater as it is the only surviving artifact of the former Jewish community in Trzemeszno.

The Scroll of the Book of Esther from the collection of the Regional Museum in Trzemeszno. photo SMZH

Agnieszka Kostuch

Translated by Kasia Smialkowski

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