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According to his death certificate, he was born on February 15, 1836, according to his marriage certificate, on June 21, 1832 - in Czerniejewo, as the son of Leib Loewenthal and Scheinche/Jeanette, née Levin-Elias (her father was known as Loewenthal), who moved to Trzemeszno. He was a merchant. In 1877 he married Johanna Strelitz, a native of Trzemeszno. Two years later he became the owner of a tenement house at 1 Kiliński Square, where he ran a store. He died on January 29, 1883 in Trzemeszno.

Abraham Loewenthal's matzeva, photo by Katarzyna Sudaj.

Epitaph transcribed by Sławomir Pastuszka